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I have been closing my eyes and spending time inside myself every day for 40 years. I have found a place inside that is a still-point where time is not. This Place inside me has grown till now I feel more it than me. In this sitting each day I do absolutely nothing, I let go – and see. On occasions very lucid sights occur whose intensity dissolves the-me, and whose scale is too huge to fit into my thinking. These paintings are my best response to those experiences. They are almost accurate.

The story occurring in the space between these images is the perennial Odyssey, the hero’s journey home. The sublime experienced in the work is my true-north. And now, the sublime requires color, so I paint in a careful language of tiny vectors, sculpting forms out of the loving void of space, catching and moving perception with their continuous coxing suggestions. I track the sublime into the dark by feel alone – it is my way home.