Project Description

Book two of Kids of Lower Utopia, was published for my opening at The Ricco/Maresca gallery NYC, 9/13/01, (only two days after the fall of the World Trade Towers – this timing was so bad that it achieved a feeling like a mythic wink). It is an eleven page story told in staged moments of self realization in the life of my beloved friend River Scout Finnagain. This book two is about returning-to and surrendering to original innocence – to the state of the self prior to the world.
Each page was made to stand alone and …all together as a story. The actual language is pure American mutt. A crossbreed made up of part direct-observation, part axiomatic poetry, part implied photo-faith, and all summed up in a careful language of tiny vectors sculpting forms out of emptiness, catching and moving perception with their continuous live suggestions. Nothing holds more directly the silent life of observation-in-light as a metaphor, undisguised, than the pencil; simple, direct, and so very elemental.