The Single Songs of Schizotopia – V7 No 1 – An Anthology of Lower Utopia

The Single Songs of Schizotopia – V7 No 1 – An Anthology of Lower Utopia 2017-05-18T22:34:34+00:00

Project Description

This book is made from a collection of single page comics that in their original form combine digital-ink and pencil-drawing. Every page measuring 26” x 40”. This is a collection of spiritually tongue-in-cheek observations from that place in the Heart called Lower Utopia. Lower Utopia is our metaphor for the place inside where truth lives. To realize Lower Utopia is to recognize what is real. The “real” is that which does not change. What does not change is true.
Nothing we say here is new, what is true was true long before the Woolly Mammoths stopped singing, and will be true when this earth is no more. But it is important to note that what is true is an experience that is beyond thought; it does not belong to the mind. It is neither a concept, nor an idea beyond all other ideas. The truth lives inside you. It is you. It is life itself looking out through your eyes. So, the question at the heart of each image in this book is “what is true?” These pages are a tongue-in-cheek remembrance of that unchanging reality that already exists within everyone and everything. Once you have realized the basic truths about reality there is no going back, and you find yourself exiled from the world you knew, the everyday world of the mind and its ego so intent on suffering. I would like to say, for the sake of words, that you become a seeker of truth, but that is not really true because the experience is more about letting-go of all you think you have found. To experience the truth is to let-go of ideas, concepts, beliefs, ownership, and all other illusions of habit that define you. And soon you find yourself an exile on pilgrimage in Lower Utopia towards the shrine of all wanderings – to the Very City that we call Schizotopia. It is called Schizotopia because there everyone is you. In the country of Lower Utopia and in the Very City of Schizotopia where all the art in the world is made, the people live in love with Love and practice Love on everything. The deeper you go into Lower Utopia the closer all the different stories become. Closer to being the one story about recognizing the sacred within until It is …without. This book is the sweet self mockery of a worker in consciousness (living in a transitional time when the world is choosing between planetary annihilation and inner peace). Each images is a puzzle piece from the heart of a story whose trajectory is grok-able from the clues within the image (for those who like such deductive puzzles). These pages are a series of softly comic spiritually surreal metaphors that present the juxtaposition of the inner in the outer world with love. Thanks for looking, Attention = Love Your brother To