Project Description

An ancient story found in the Brahmavaivarta Purana …reskinned. Book one, Acts one and two. A man attempts to make art, to achieve his full hearts desire, to make a painting true to his soul, to do a thing greater than his self. He meets resistance from the personified voices of history and his own past. Even the man’s very desire itself, to do this impossible work, comes personified as a huge bright snake to test the man’s resolve. With determination he defeats the limits of his desire to fully becomes it, climbing inside its skin and there-by avoiding the conflict with other desires vying for attention=love. By this act he gains on the one hand, and must lose on the other, that is the law of these things. And that is the end of book one.

Epilogue by the Beloved Arebear, in which he remembers the exponential magic that took place once when comrades lived together in this work.