Project Description

Hello number 5 from Toc Fetch. This book number 5 was an experiment in comic to see just how far it can goand still be a comic. This was my actual first work in comics from 1996, in which I allowed my interior Circus Psyche to run amock in the direction of its “logical absurdities”. I have always been fascinated by our curious ability to read entire stories out of single images. Every image carries its trajectory in a gestalt of clues. In this book I present random snapshot moments delineating the politic of a single interior persona of my most beloved early Daimon of mixed pleasures, my king of familiars, my most  Pope Joey Fool as he chats about Death and the-sweetness-of-being-alive. Pope Joey himself is my cheeky personified superego who has accepted the authority to exist and the authority thereby to answer for it. – Toc in Schizotopia `03