• AnOther Piece follows an old pattern of a story found in the Brahmavaivarta Purana, (an oral tradition of storytelling, dating before recorded history, from the Indus Valley). AnOther Piece is a story from the Puranas told in the now, about the recognition of the struggle to achieve a statement greater than your life in the face of death. In Toc's own words, "It is really about the amazing internal conspiracy to keep you from finding your art. But, anything worthy is always difficult." 20 pages
  • An animal father writes a letter (or prose poem) to his animal son Ramsee all about the-birds-and-bees, love and women, father to son stuff. It is a parody on the relationship between men and women. Or...maybe it's just an Animal's love poem. 24 pages (I won a Xeric Foundation grant to publish this one).
  • A portrait of a child prodigy; a prodigy not of the intellect but of the Heart. This is a contemporary story of a 10-year old girl living in the Catskill Mountains born with a talent for being Awake inside her own Dreams. A tribal Dreamer without a tribe in an age blind to the effulgence of life. Through the innate echoes of ritual she draws her beloved friend closer to her own Inner world and the old religion of Dreaming. These two friends live saturated with the mighty powers of Insight, Awareness, and Love. Living in a paradise of these talents, in a no-place called Lower Utopia. 90 Pages
  • This 16 page comic - Kids of Lower Utopia; Softdoor's Older Sister's I-AM Knot, V6 No 2, was published for my opening at The Ricco/Maresca gallery NYC, 9/13/01, two days after the fall of the World Trade Towers. This timing was so bad that it achieved a feeling like a mythic wink. It is an eleven page novel told in staged koans, earmarked moments of realization in the life of River Scout Finnagain (Softdoor's older sister). Each page was made to stand alone and all together as a comic. The actual language is pure American mutt. A crossbreed made up of part direct-observation, part axiomatic poetry, part implied photo-faith, and all summed up in a language of graphite velocity vectors (grow-language) under the influence of comic-read and cheek. 16 Pages Second Printing - Print on Demand.
  • In Kids of Lower Utopia: A Letter from the Front Lines, I am drawing, through the lens of Zen Nondualism, an allegorical dream in which my heroine; River Scout Finnagain, travels through archetypal stages of realizations to finally arrive at her beginning. To me this story can best be told in the medium of the pencil. Nothing holds more directly the silent life of observation-in-light as a metaphor, undisguised, then the pencil; simple, direct, and so very elemental. My drawings are spoken in a careful language of conscious vectors summing into "still-points" where life's attention waits, gathering silence. 74 pages Print on Demand
  • This comic is the subtext of a cognition, a realization personified in daylight. Imagine a Question that has been traveling your mind since you were a kid. That Question, never finding the Answer, loses hope, and he becomes a dark and scary thing like a wounded animal. Then one day at a sudden crossroads the old Question meets an Answer, young, bright, and fearless. She is The Answer…”Yes.” 20 Pages
  • This was an experiment and my actual first work in book form from 1996, in which I allowed my interior Circus Psyche to run amuck in the direction of its "logical absurdities." I have always been fascinated by our curious ability to read entire stories out of single images (S.Holmes-ian style - inductive/deductive). Every image carries its trajectory in a gestalt of clues. In this book of (splash-page) diptychs I present random moments delineating the politics of a single interior persona: Pope Joey - as he chats away. Pope Joey himself is my cheeky personified superego who has accepted the authority to exist and the authority to answer for it. (Superego: [a refresher] the moral or judicial branch of Self, the ideal rather then the real that strives for perfection and truth rather then pleasure [sound familiar?]). 32 pages
  • This book is made from a collection of single page comics that in their original form combine digital-ink and pencil-drawing. The original pages each measuring 26” x 40”. This is a collection of spiritually tongue-in-cheek observations from that place in the Heart called Lower Utopia. 52 pages Print on demand